Conveyance in favour of society compulsory in Navi Mumbai

CIDCO office at BelapurApprox 2 months ago,CIDCO made it compulsory for co-operative societies in Navi Mumbai to have conveyance deed executed in favour of the co-op society for a transfer NOC from CIDCO.Earlier it was not a necessary document.
Since most societies in Navi Mumbai do not have this document,purchase and sale transactions have come to a halt in Navi Mumbai.Most societies cannot even trace the original builder/developer/gaonwala to get this done.
In such a situation,only a deemed conveyance can save the day for most sellers.
The process takes approx 6-8 months.

Important update (2 oct 2012)

In a major breakthrough for the conveyance problem of housing societies,the govt has now stepped in and made it clear that any builder who refuses to give conveyance to the flat buyers or co-op housing societies within 4 months of handover of flats to the buyers,the local deputy registrars office will give a deemed conveyance certificate automatically after being approached by the flat buyers.
This will bring to end the long and sordid chapter in indian housing.Builders use the conveyance ploy to avoid handover of land and building to housing societies and continue to fleece buyers in the name of NOC.After being approached by flat buyers,the deputy registrar will call the builder and flat purchasers/societies.If it is found that the conveyance has not been given even after 4 months of handover of flats,the registrar will issue a deemed conveyance certificate.
Let us hope that this scheme is not just on paper but actually implemented in true spirit.

Sky properties can handle all your conveyance deed requirements.
Please contact us on 9833802522.
We are located at Nerul Station complex.

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  1. S. S.lande says

    Sir i have already purchased flat from 2nd owner in the year 2010 and the soc. Has made me member. The society has registered and society’s plot is cideco tender plot. Now,the society has taken steps for conveyance deed. For the conveyance deed, i have required to pay flat transfer fee of 1st and 2nd Owners along with myself to cideco or not. Thanking you in anticipation. Waiting your kind reply

  2. V.R.Balasubramaniam says

    What is the latest news about CIDCO Transfer Charges?Is it still required?Has CIDCO increased the transfer charges recently?

    1. Mayur Panghaal says

      Yes,it is still required.Not aware of the transfer rates being increased recently.

  3. Dr mahesh wakch0ure says

    what are the charges that we have t0 pay f0r c0nveyance deed ?
    If u can inf0rm me the registrar 0ffice f0r Air0Ii Sec 8A?

    1. Mayur Panghaal says

      You will have to pay transfer charges to CIDCO and Stamp duty and registration charges on the conveyance deed.The stamp duty is 5% and Registration charges are 1% on the value of the land and building minus the stamp duty and registration charges each flat owner has paid while buying the flat.Registrar office is near Sector 8 A in Airoli.

  4. ravi p says

    …ours is the 25 year old society of 27 Row Houses on cidco plot in Navi Mumbai , wants to go for conveyance.
    All papers are in xerox and not in original
    The society deed ,with cidco, is on 3Rs. Stamp paper and also not paid the stamp duty
    .Many members also have not paid the stamp duty on their own row house
    The present members are 3rd or 4th buyer from the original members.

    Kindlu suggest,

    Do we all ( society and the individual members have to pay stamp duty.?

    for conveyance deed,is The transfer fee to Cidco must ? , for all three/ four transaction ?

    Totally how much will it cost?

    1. Mayur Panghaal says

      Only after seeing the documents is it possible for me to comment.Please fix and appointment before coming.A visit to my office will cost you money.So please confirm before coming.

  5. sham says

    sir, we are having a society plot at cbd belapur navi mumbai and we constructed abuilding for 12 memeber on it we have not gone tr stamp and registration for plot as well as for flat ..what will be the charges and what is the procedure we are 12 members and our area of plot is 700 sq mtr pl advice sham 9969226597

    1. Mayur Panghaal says

      If you have CC,OC and sanctioned plans by govt,there is nothing more to do.If CIDCO allotted plot to your registered society,your members are already registered with CIDCO.No need of conveyance.Just make sure you register every new member with CIDCO as and when he/she purchases the flat.

  6. S K Mohanty says

    We are a cooperative societies in koperkhairna regd in 1995 and built by CIDCO with 74 flats. We want to go for conveyance deed how mush it will cost to societies.

    1. Mayur says

      Depends on the documents you already have with you,the stamp duty paid,title etc.
      Please schedule an appointment with me at my office to discuss this further.
      Call me on 9833802522.

  7. sunderesan says

    sir, we are a cooperative society in vashi and want to know how to obtain the CIDCO conveyance for our society. What is the procedure and whom do we approach for that? kindly enlighten on this issue

    1. Mayur says

      You can contact me on 9833802522.We can handle all conveyance cases/society formation cases.

  8. manas bajaj says

    I am planning to buy flat at nerul, plot-309, Tulsi bhavan, sector-6. The owner of the flat claiming that the plot got conveyance deed in the name of members but they so not have any paper from Cidco for this as builder verbally confirm them so they believe. Could you please advise me how I can verify that the conveynace deed was done for above address- please advise

  9. Nilesh Vishwanath Shetye says

    If the deemed conveyance in favor of housing society is possible in 12.5% scheme in Navi Mumbai where the builder is absconded and original land owner are not cooperating. The society is formed under non-cooperation.

  10. balasaheb yadav says

    I am buying a resale property in kharghar ,society is registerd & have OC,deed of transfer in name of soaciety but development agreement that made in 2001 was not it safe to buy this property

    1. Mayur says

      If society is registered,current owners name figures in the society member list,conveyance deed executed in favour of society and final order from CIDCO obtained in name of the society (which is proof of transfer of ownership in CIDCO records),there should be no issues.Remember,just a deemed conveyance order is not the final step.Final step is the Final order in favour of the society from CIDCO.

      1. balasaheb yadav says

        Final order in favour of the society from CIDCO means cidco transfer of society right? then this society is not cidco there any legal problem to me in future

        1. Mayur says

          Yes,That is correct.Problem may arise in the future when you want to sell the flat.If at that time the buyer’s bank asks for CIDCO NOC, then there might be a problem.Other thing is that the property tax reciept will come in Land owners name.Also you will need builder’s NOC for all purchase and sale.

  11. balasaheb yadav says

    so sir,can i go ahead with deal need your help

  12. ram pawar says

    what is the process for cidco allotted apartments to get conveyance as same are not co operative socity. They are the direct lessee to the Cidco

    1. Mayur says

      Process is the same.Sent notice to CIDCO for Conveyance.They are supposed to give it to society after OC.In CIDCO case its much easier.

  13. Rohan says

    Dear Sir,
    Owner has given me agreement papers with title lease deed ,is it conveyance deed? If yes then will i get noc from cidco.If no then what else i have to check.

    1. Mayur says

      If the lease deed has the society name on it,then its conveyance deed is done.If not,then conveyance in name of society is pending.Check on whose name the lease deed is.

  14. rohan says

    Dear sir,
    The Lease deed is between cidco ,developer & society that means it is confirmed conveyance deed.Then i am eligible for cidco noc & cidco transfer?

  15. yashwant says

    Dear Sir,
    is cidco NOC required for Conveyance deed / Deemed Conveyance ??
    cidco transfer required in new flat purchase from builder as builder is demanding the same ??

    1. Mayur Panghaal says

      He is asking you to pay for the expense in advance.CIDCO NOC is required for all purchase sale or transfer of any land/plot/flat in Navi Mumbai.
      He is supposed to spend for it,but most builders will ask you to cough up the money.

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