High court turns complaint against builders into PIL

Bombay High Court in HDR
Bombay High Court in HDR (Photo credit: Shrinivas Sankaran)

A letter written by activist Vikrant Karnik (5 page letter) based on a television sting operation against malpractices of builders/developers has been turned into a PIL (public interest litigaton) by the Mumbai High Court.The letter cites ‘normal’ builder practices of charging on the basis of :Super built up area instead of Carpet area which can sometimes be twice the carpet area.He also cites the normal practice of charging for the car parking area (a practice banned by the supreme court),charging for the society formation (it is the builders responsibility to form the society and convey the land in favour of the society.He cannot charge for it),charging cash for 30% of the cost of the flat etc.These practices are as old as the trade itself.Even though MCHI president Paras Gundecha may deny it,the whole world knows that it takes place.What the govt has done up till now about the whole thing is a mystery.


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