New rates for CIDCO transfer charges released

After much delay from its set deadline of 1st April of every year, CIDCO finally released the new Transfer Charges for plots,shops and flats in Navi Mumbai region.These are valid on all properties bought or sold in Navi Mumbai.The rates usually go up 10% every year.They are calculated on the carpet area of the shop/flat and depend on the location.The Time taken to complete the procedure is stated as 20 days by CIDCO, but in reality it can take anywhere from 1 month to a couple of months due to the absolute chaos and lack of systems prevailing in CIDCO offices.

Kindly note that on top of these charges,CIDCO levies another Rs 500 as processing fees.

We can provide our professional services to facilitate CIDCO Transfer Process for a nominal charge.Please get in touch with us at the following numbers:

CIDCO Transfer charges

You can download the PDF chart here CIDCO TRANSFER CHARGES 2016

Contact us for all your CIDCO Transfer needs at  9833802522
Doorstep services provided.

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  1. Rahul says

    Can we know penalties applicable in case earlier 2 owner didn’t pay cidco transfer but current buyer may want to clear dues and register his name in Cidco as owner.

    1. Mayur Panghaal says

      There is no penalty.Every year the transfer charges increase by 10% minimum.So the more you delay it,the more you will have to pay.That itself is a penalty.


    hi sir,
    please guide me ” i have applied for SBI home loan balance transfer but after all clarification bank demand for CIDCO NOC . Conveyance deed still pending but society firmed and soc noc alreayd given to sbi. Please guide me how i obtain cidco noc from cidco and its compulsory for loan or not?

    1. Mayur Panghaal says

      Bank will need NOC from CIDCO to give you loan (Its called Mortgage NOC).No way around it…unless you apply to a different bank.Try ICICI or IDBI.

  3. Ganesh says

    I have come to know that my name/flat is not showing as registered in the CIDCO records. How do I verify this? Also what are the documents required for the registering my name in the CIDCO records?

    1. Mayur Panghaal says

      If your name is not showing in CIDCO records,the only way to confirm it is by visiting the CIDCO offices.The documents required to register your name in CIDCO records are a set of documents including your sale agreement,sets of affidavits,NOCs etc and the Transfer charge according to the CIDCO rate chart in this article.If you require professional and trustworthy services for the same,we can undertake it for you for a nominal charge.

  4. Swapnil says

    Hello, Thanks for the Information. Are CIDCO Transfer charges applicable in Taloja Panchnand? I have bought a flat in re-sale in Phase 1. The conveyance of the society is not done yet.

    1. Mayur Panghaal says

      Without Conveyance, CIDCO Transfer won’t be possible unless the plot was allotted in the name of the society to begin with.

  5. Raju jain says

    We are the 4th owner of the flat in airoli n stil cidco registration is in the name of the 1st owner… so what will b the procedure n charges if we want to do cidco transfer

    1. Mayur Panghaal says

      You will have to pay for all the previous transfers at the current rates.Charges depend on the carpet area of the flat.Consult the chart on our website.

  6. Poonam says

    Is Cidco transfer charges applicable on flats built on society plots also? We are looking to buy flat from second owner who says he has not transfered ered name in cidco records

    1. Mayur Panghaal says

      Yes.Its applicable on all plots and all properties located in Navi Mumbai.

  7. Jiten says

    I had purchased a flat in Koperkhairance in year 2011. The land on which the building was made was under possession and owned by the land owners and disclosed by 7/12 extracts. Also the land owner paid property tax on the same regularly. Howver, on recent search on the land records site 7/12, it was observed that the land is in the name of CIDCO. Is there any way by which we can get the building registered under 12.5% scheme or so? Please help as it is very urgent. Also I would like to take your professional advice in person.

    1. Mayur Panghaal says

      All land was acquired by CIDCO starting 1970s.The land owner may have hidden that fact from you and cheated you.
      There is no way of escape.If CIDCO issues demolition order to your building,you will have to vacate.
      No use of any professional advice in person.
      Good luck.

  8. Shikha says

    Hi want to know the procedure and name change (remove) charges for property in Kamothe and how long will it take. We have the gift deed registered and have born the charges for the same.

    1. Mayur Panghaal says

      For cidco transfer you will need 2 things…
      Society should be registered
      Conveyance must be done in Society’s name.

      After that you will have to pay the CIDCO transfer charges of Rs 5000 if transfer is within your family.
      It will take you approx 1 month to complete the procedure.

  9. hitesh chapproo says

    Need Help
    Hi , i am buying a property in sector 28 Vashi where NOC from CIDCO is required and all bank are demanding the same to but only LIC is providing the same without NOC so will any issue happen in future

    My worry is as its a leashold property then can CIDCO create any issues as talks are on for transfering from leasehold to freehold but its going to take time

    1. Mayur Panghaal says

      Not a problem if all other docs are in place.
      CC and OC are important.

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