Stamp Duty Rates increase in Kharghar, Kamothe, Kalamboli, and New Panvel

Panvel Nagar Parishad BuildingAfter Panvel Municipal Council became a full fledged Municipal Corporation in Sept 2016, more than 29 villages and areas previously under Panvel Municipal Council now come directly under Panvel Municipal Corporation.

Kharghar, Kamothe, Kalamboli, and New Panvel nodes also now come under the Panvel Municipal Corporation hence the Stamp Duty rates for property purchase and sale transactions has gone up to 6% from the earlier 5%.

The following areas will now have to pay 6% Stamp Duty:
Kharghar, Taloja Panchnand, Kalundre, Owe, Kamothe, Chal, Navde, Devicha pada, Tondhare, Pendhar, Kalamboli, Khidukpada, Roadpali, Padghe, Walvli, Pale Khurd, Tembhode, Asudgaon, Bid, Adivali, Rohinjan, Dhansar, Karvale Budruk, Pisarve, Turbhe, Nagzari, Taloje Majkur, Ghot and Koynavele.

Other than these,there are 29 villages also which will pay the increased Stamp Duty rates of 6%.

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Please note that Stamp Duty amt is rounded off (Maharashtra)

If Stamp Duty amt payable is coming to Rs 10,049 then it will be rounded off to 10,000 only. Rupees 49 will not be considered.If Stamp Duty amt payable is coming to Rs 10,051 then the Stamp Duty payable will be rounded off to 10,100.

Depriciation on Stamp Duty:

Other than this, on the resale of property, one can avail Depreciation ranging from 10% to 70% on the Ready Reckoner value of the Flat.The Stamp Duty will then be calculated on this Depreciated Rate.
Ready Reckoner rates change at the end of every financial year (31st March).

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