How to nail corrupt officers in CIDCO Transfer Dept

Citizens can easily take the highly corrupt CIDCO transfer dept officers to task if they follow this simple method

Whenever an application is submitted in CIDCO for transfer, it is allotted a CFC Number (Serial Number). According to Anti-Corruption laws, even if a govt officer gives out of turn facility (Preferential treatment) to someone or favors someone for quicker processing of files out of turn and not according to the serial number (Provided there is no objection or issue raised with the file or application) it is considered as CORRUPTION.

It is due to this very reason that CIDCO does not display the list of applicants on its website along with their CFC Numbers, even though this is public information as per RTI act. CIDCO knows that the day they start displaying the list of applicants along with their serial numbers online, they will be forced to process applications as per serial number and all their bribery will be exposed.

So if you are being made to run around by CIDCO officers since you are not paying them a bribe and you are 100% sure about your documents being in order, you can complain about out of turn favors to anyone who submitted his documents after you but got his CIDCO NOC before you. This can be easily proved by filing a complaint with the Vigilance Dept on 5th floor or by typing in the number or two, which comes after your CFC number in this link. If the number after your number (or two) shows that the NOC has been issued,you have your evidence needed for the complaint. They will have to investigate the movement of your application from the time it was submitted. Every movement of every file at every step in CIDCO is recorded in the File movement Register (peon register) and it is very difficult (impossible) to destroy this record. Almost every CIDCO officer will be caught for corruption if this method is deployed by any citizen. You can also complain online using the same logic at this link Although it cannot be assured that your complain online will be acted upon. Always file a written complaint and take an acknowledgement from the Vigilance Dept on the xerox along with the date and time. Although Vigilance Dept itself is a big question mark, its worth giving a shot.
If you are worried about complaining while your file is under process, you can also complain once you get your CIDCO NOC in hand.

REMEMBER : As per rules, CIDCO is supposed to issue you a Transfer NOC within 21 days and Mortgage NOC within 7 days.

Complaint to CIDCO Vigilance

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