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Addition of Members after Conveyance of Society for CIDCO Transfer

How CIDCO Staff fool people to extort money by claiming addition of members has been banned by CIDCO and Mah Govt via GR

Many a times it is seen that at the time of obtaining conveyance by society , many flats are vacant or in name of builder. Sometimes society is formed first and then land is taken in the name of society from CIDCO. The members at the time of formation of societies is sometimes minimal. Most buy flats later and become member.Those who apply for CIDCO Transfer after Conveyance of society is done or in societies built on society plots, do not find their names in CIDCO list of members submitted to them at the time of Conveyance or allotment of the society plots. Most CIDCO Estate officials take advantage of this in connivance with agents by saying that addition of members has been banned by CIDCO and state govt. This is done to extort money. Also, the fact that CIDCO does not give the exact reason of rejection in writing of a CIDCO Transfer application also helps the corrupt staff.  The fact is that addition of Member after conveyance is POSSIBLE and the only thing required for the same are as follows:-

  • Resolution of Society showing the name of the newly added member along with the Flat/Shop Number and Carpet area allotted to him.
  • Letter/Certificate from Govt authorized/approved/empaneled architect detailing the exact carpet area of the shop/flat on his/her letterhead and seal. If this is not possible, a copy of the sanctioned plan by NMMC/CIDCO will also do.
  • Form ‘F’ filled by the person wishing to become the new member of the society (as shown below)
  • Copy of the registered sale deed/sale agreement
  • Transfer charges to be paid as per CIDCO Transfer charges for the flat/shop.

It has been observed that the entire CIDCO transfer dept is hand in glove with agents who deliberately mislead people by saying that ‘addition of member has been banned by govt’. In such cases, the applicants should ask CIDCO to give the same in writing.

Many people are so desperate to get their loan passed that they pay Rs 50,000 to Rs 40,000 due to this scam which is the result of corrupt official’s nexus with unscrupulous agents.

Addition of new member after conveyance

Form F cidco transfer