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My friend has given cidco transfer procedure to one agent when he purchased one flat in Airoli in May 2019
Agent is saying he has submitted papers to CIDCO in June 2019 and thereafter he could not follow up because of medical problem and then lockdown.
Now agent is saying that CIDCO is searching for the submitted papers.
Does CIDCO give any receipt after submitting papers? Agent is saying he had received some token which he is not able to find.
What happens in case if any receipt token or application number is lost? How does CIDCO is trying to find the submitted papers?

2019 is a long period. Its highly unlikely that the papers can be traced now. Its like trying to find a needle in a haystack. To answer your other questions, yes, CIDCO does give an acknowledgement of the papers deposited with them. Earlier, the papers had to be submitted physically after making the data entry online. It will be better off for you to start afresh with whatever you have with you. If you have copies of the originals, you can start the process again. If you want to try and find the papers left with CIDCO in 2019, you will need at least some record of what you deposited with CIDCO and then try to locate it in the Belapur office…or the Airoli office (if they shifted all papers to Airoli now)

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