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Our Speciality – Accurate price negotiation with builders/sellers/leasees when buying/renting a new flat/shop/office.

We have price data of all sales of flats in Navi Mumbai. This data is priceless when negotiating with sellers/builders/buyers/agents. We have data of prices of all flats in all buildings in Navi Mumbai. We regularly spot underpayment and overpayment of lakhs of rupees in real estate transactions in Navi Mumbai. A sample of real estate sales data from Nerul is given below.

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In fact, a 2005 study on Home Sellers reports that the median sales price of an agent-assisted home was 27% higher than one sold “by owner.”

Real 2021 Price data of properties in Sector 19, Nerul

AreaTerracePriceProject/ Society
734351        2,45,29,250Moreshwar developer
734351        2,50,00,000Moreshwar developer
247            39,00,000Bhimashanker
912 (BU)        1,40,00,000Neelsiddhi Atlantis
745        1,68,00,000Sailesh Tower
724        1,70,00,000Bhagwati Eminence
220            40,00,000Unnati Apt owners
395 (BU)            65,00,000Sun Plaza 
139 (BU)            49,50,000LIG
380 (BU)            43,00,000Sangam Apts
Latest Real Estate Sales Data in Nerul (East)

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