Kharghar struggles with garbage collection

KhargharThe citizens woes in Kharghar continue with the garbage disposal and clean up.CIDCO officials have admitted for the first time that Kharghar has almost become a garbage dump.
It would help to remember that there is no municipal corporation governing Kharghar since it is considered a developing node.Municipal handover will take place once the node of Kharghar is considered ‘developed’ (whatever that means).CIDCO is currently incharge of the node and has outsourced most of the civic responsibilities to private contractors.Builders dumping the excavated mud and soil from their construction sites have added to the mess.
CIDCO has appointed a new garbage collection agency called BBG pvt ltd,which will co-ordinate with the citizens as volunteers to supervise operations.The earlier contractor was M/s Antony Infrastructure pvt ltd.The new contractor will be paid Rs 1062 per tonne.
Illegal meat shops in sector 15 have also added to the problem by dumping their ‘waste’ on open grounds.
Besides this,Kharghar has also been facing a problem with the property tax issue.Currently,Kharghar residents are paying taxes to 3 different entities. Cidco, Tehsildar and gram panchayat.
Residents are paying service tax to Cidco, property tax to the gram panchayat and NA (Non Agriculture) tax to the revenue department in this case to the Panvel tehsildar.
Until recently there was no Police station in Kharghar and there were issues with the electric supply in some sectors.

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