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Mumbai airport encroachment clearance frozen for past 5 years


Slum in Mumbai
Slum in Mumbai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

References:Times of India.May 12
Almost 5 years after the slum areas around Mumbai airport (Santa Cruz) were supposed to be cleared,almost nothing has changed on the ground.Almost 276 acres of land,supposed to have been cleared by the contractor HDIL,are still very much in possession of the slum dwellers.In the meanwhile,HDIL has already made a windfall profit of 2000 crores by selling the TDR it got in exchange for building tenements for the ‘relocated’ slumdwellers on its land in and around Kurla.

The total families residing in the slums numbers approx 85,000 families (or 3.5 lakh people).HDIL has so far made only (claims by the company) 10,000 tenements.Of this the Slum rehabilitation Authority has has handed over only 2000 tenements to MMRDA for allotment to the slum dwellers.But on the ground,only 500 tenements have been actually allotted.These 500 families were shifted as they were coming in the way of the sahar elevated road from WE highway to International airport.

The confusion about who is eligible and who is not is only set to intensify as more than 50% of the slumdwellers are ineligible for the houses.The govt has set the year 2000 as the cut-off date for the houses.Which means that only those slum dwellers residing there before the year 2000 will get the benefits.

HDIL has marked 5 locations for building 33,000 tenements eventually.

These are:-
Premier automobile land,Kurla
Popular car bazaar land,Andheri
Bhandari metallurgical estate,Kurla
Bombay oxygen land,LBS Marg
Kilburn Engineering,Nahur

The max tenements will be built at Premier automobiles land,Kurla -17523 tenements.

Where the rest of the 52,000 slum dwellers will go is anybody’s guess.

The collector is still busy verifying who is eligible and who is not.
Currently the FSI for SRA projects stands at 4.
The first time this FSI was allowed was for HDIL.Now everyone gets it.
The total size of the Mumbai airport is 1800 acres.
The total encroached area is 276 acres.


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