Kindly note that CIDCO Transfer charges are still payable and land in Navi Mumbai is still Lease Hold Land. Do not believe fake news and fake politicians who have zero understanding of the law and something called Budget

After much delay from its set deadline of 1st April of every year, CIDCO finally released the new Transfer Charges for plots, shops and flats in Navi Mumbai region. These are valid on all properties bought or sold in Navi Mumbai. The rates usually go up 10% every year. They are calculated on the carpet area of the shop/flat and depend on the location. The Time taken to complete the procedure is stated as 20 days by CIDCO, but in reality it can take anywhere from 1 month to a couple of months due to the absolute chaos, total corruption and lack of systems prevailing in CIDCO offices.

The corruption is so blatant that its running under the very nose of the so called ‘Vigilance Dept’ located on the 5th floor of the same building !! Any complaint to the officers is simply brushed aside or the complainant is made to do so much running around that he is forced to give up. The level of corruption going on in CIDCO has also led to murders of staff in the past. Even the harmless looking women sitting behind counters on the first floor in the estate department are corrupt to the core. Looks can be really deceptive. All are heavily involved in taking money and bribes to process your files. In such a situation it can be easily said that CIDCO is one of the most corrupt organisations in the country.

In a new move, CIDCO has started charging 18% GST on All NOCs … which means every transfer/NOC will now cost thousands of rupees more This Circular was issued on 5th December 2017…and will also be sent to all who were issued NOCs after July 2017

For issuing Mortgage NOC, CIDCO charges Rs 500+18% GST as processing fees

We can provide our professional services to facilitate CIDCO Transfer Process for a nominal charge of Rs 14,000 (all inclusive).If you want a Mortgage NOC also, then the charge for both will be Rs 15,000 only.

However, if you only want the documentation work and preparation of various documents  by us, it will cost you Rs 3,000 and you will have to do all the submissions and follow-ups at CIDCO by yourselves. You can pay online and documents will be prepared and sent to you via courier in 2 working days. Even if your society conveyance is not done, it is advisable to get all the documents for CIDCO transfer signed and ready as the seller may not be traceable if and when the society manages to get the Conveyance done after a few years.
We only need a copy of your sale agreement/sale deed to process the documentation. You can mail a scanned copy or send it via courier.

Call us on 9987452642 for all your CIDCO Transfer requirements

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