How to buy or sell a flat which has a loan on it

It is often seen that flats which one wants to buy or sell have a pending loan on them.In such cases,it becomes confusing as to what the exact steps are to conclude the deal successfully.Most people think that they need to settle the loan before selling it.For that they either pressurize the owner to settle the […]

How builders cheat flat buyers

“There is only one flat available” This is the most common statement made by builders to any inquiries about their projects.It is more prevalent in smaller buildings of 4 floors or less.These are typically small plots of 200 sq.meters in Navi Mumbai and are usually Tripartite (also called CIDCO transfer plots by some builders).This is […]

Difference between Lease agreement and leave and license agreements

Mumbai earned the sobriquets Maximum City, City of Gold, even the rather unflattering Slumbay because of its one quality — an ability to attract people from all over the country looking for work. As these immigrants arrive in Mumbai, accommodation problems loom large. Here, housing expert, Ameet Mehta points out the laws and flaws about […]